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De Blauwe Hollander (The blue Dutchman) first opened on 1st of April 1979. The name “Blauwe” itself refers to the blue uniforms worn by the Navy people who were being sent to Indonesia and Surinam to stay as permanent representatives of Holland.

Interestingly enough, the Dutch cuisine was more appreciated for the men over the sea, as it made them nostalgic and tempered their longing for Holland.

De Blauwe Hollander restaurant works with seasonal food, such as asparagus in the season on the card and boerenkool (Curly kail) as well in the season.

The restaurant offers exquisite WEEK SPECIALS on their menu. The guests who are vegetarian will never feel excluded as there are vegetarian & vegan options anyone could enjoy!

This world-famous restaurant, located at the „Leidseplein“ square in Amsterdam, is over 30 years old now and has gone through multiple owners, yet the Dutch cuisine has always maintained its typical existence and the authenticity of the food prepared with daily fresh products have never gone away!




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De Blauwe Hollander