Hearty pea soup with rye bread and smoked bacon € 4.75
Fresh tomato soup with leek strips € 4.75
Carrot and curry soup with apple compote € 4.75
Roasted leek soup with walnuts and old cheese € 4.75


Homemade cheesecroquettes with fresh salad € 6,75
Fresh herring with marinated beetroot and onions € 6,25
Salad with warm Dutch goatcheese, honey and walnuts € 8,25
'Tompouce' with smoked salmon and lemon mayonnaise € 8,75
Roasted Pork-Belly (thinly sliced) with apple-fennel sirup € 7,75

For the children

Fishsticks or a Croquet with french fries,
apple mash and salad
€ 7,75

Hotchpotch (Stamppot)

(A typical Dutch dish! a mix of mash and vegatables)
Endive with bacon bits and a meatball € 14,50
Carrot and onion with tender beef € 14,50
Sauerkraut with larding bacon or a sausage € 14,50
Curly kail with a sausage (Seasonal dish from October until February) € 14,50

Main courses with meat

Minced meat rolled in bacon with
red cabbage & apple and boiled potatoes
€ 15,25
Pork chop with chicory and ham & cheese from the oven and boiled potatoes € 15,25
Chicken sate with fresh fries, sweet 'n sour salad and peanut sauce € 16,25
Spareribs with a coleslaw, homemade mayonnaise, garlic sauce and bread or fresh fries € 16,75
Veal liver with apple and potato mash and bacon bits with shallot gravy € 15,75
Dutch beefsteak with mushrooms and fried potatoes and gravy € 19,25

Maincourses with fish

On the skin baked Halibut-filet with flat beans, confi tomatoes, small potatoes and beurre noisette € 19,25
Dutch style Bouillabaisse with codfilet, mussels, dutch shrimps, paprika mayonnaise and bread € 18,75

Mussel-pan with bread or fresh fries and herb-mayonnaise

€ 16,75

Vegetarian Main courses

Carrot and goat cheese quiche with lettuce and a sauce of red beetroot € 15,25

Choice of hotch potch (endive, carrot and onion, sauerkraut or curly kail) with homemade cheese-croquettes and butter sauce

€ 14,50


Semolina-Apricot pudding with orange sauce € 4,25
Yogurt with vanilla custard and red berry sauce € 3,75
Grandmother van Vliet' homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream € 5,50
Chocolate cake made with 'Verkade' chocolate € 5,25
Poffertjes with butter, powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream € 5,75

Cheeseplate with 3 types of Dutch cheeses, nutbread and apple sirup

€ 8,75


(12.00 tot 23.00 uur)
Delicious soups, tasteful appetizers and filling main courses, also for our vegetarian guests and off course a menu for the children.Lunch