The gorgeous city of Amsterdam has been topping numbers of lists of “The most beautiful and unique places in Europe”!

And it is nothing but true!

Amsterdam is definitely a special place that offers so much to its citizens and its tourists! Amsterdam is undoubtedly a place different than any other place on our planet! It is just so easy to fall in love with it and there are countless reasons for it! Charming streets, picturesque canals, beautiful boats, breathtaking narrow townhouses, tulips, crazy nightlife, and gorgeous windmills, make Amsterdam a strongly inspirational place, for both locals and tourists!

Amsterdam is a city of love, culture, tradition, and art celebrated in a number of museums. Those who live here are happy and consider themselves lucky, and those who visit…always return.

Traveling to different parts of the world brings so many new things, feelings and memories to your life. People like remembering places, smells, sounds and different views, but most of all, people tend to remember taste the strongest! Maybe that is why people always want to try the traditional food in a place they visit for the first time. Food is the biggest window to deeply get in touch with a country’s tradition and culture, it is the real way to feel the spirit of a place!

For those who come to Amsterdam for the first time and need a recommendation for a place where they can try the best and most delicious traditional Dutch food, De Blauwe Hollander is probably the best place!

De Blauwe Hollander’s name is being translated into “The Blue Dutchman”. It was first opened back on April 1st 1979. A fun fact about the name “Blauwe” is that it refers to the blue uniforms worn by the Dutch marines who were sent to Indonesia and Suriname to remain as permanent representative of the Netherlands.

This world-famous restaurant is located at the „Leidseplein“ square in Amsterdam. It is going strong for over 30 years now, successfully attracting both locals and tourists.

The restaurant has gone through multiple owners, yet the Dutch cuisine has always maintained its typical existence and the authenticity of the food prepared with daily fresh products has never gone away!

De Blauwe Hollander restaurant works exclusively with seasonal food, such as asparagus in the season on the card and boerenkool (Curly kail) as well in the season. They also offer Week Specials on their weekly menu! Here you will be able to taste the exceptional old authentic Dutch dishes including stamppot and the world-famous hearty pea soup (snert).

The amazing dishes will taste even better served with some of their premium quality fine wines!

However, the owners of the restaurant also care for their vegetarian guests! They will never feel excluded as there are vegetarian options, such as their famous vegetable pie with goat cheese and homemade ketchup which anyone can enjoy!

If you feel like grabbing a sweet dessert after your delicious lunch or dinner, you can always satisfy your sugar cravings with their heavenly chocolate cake, their popular homemade apple pie or their lovely mini pancakes served with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, dusted all over with sugar powder!

The experience is always complete if the atmosphere is right! And De Blauwe Hollander is definitely a place where you can enjoy a calm dinner with your family, friends or a romantic date in a luxurious interior that radiates warm and relaxing charm!

De Blauwe Hollander