The best pancake in Amsterdam

traditional dutch restaurant Amsterdam
There are countless of “Top Best” lists on the internet aiming to help tourists, as well as locals in their everyday search of “the best places” where they can try “the best food” or engage in “the best activities”
in the cities they are visiting.
And sure enough, there is a great number of lists of places where you can try the “Best Pancakes” in Amsterdam! But we would all agree that it is immensely difficult to narrow it down to only few, when Amsterdam is well known as the European capital of “Best Pancakes” and “Best Waffles”.
However, you might ask yourself, what exactly makes a pancake “The Best Pancake” in Amsterdam? Different people would most likely provide different answers as people have different tastes and preferences. But a good Pancake House or a restaurant owner would know that the trick of attracting and keeping customers is creating a rich menu which would offer a wide variety of choices. And pancake lovers know there are countless of pancake types to choose from! The texture, the taste, the thickness, the ingredients and the way of preparation differ in different countries.
Some people are used to the classic type with whipped cream and some fruit, but some like it filled with Nutella or any sort of cocoa spread. Some like it sprinkled with coconut, dried fruit,or simply sugar, but some even like to go as simple as sugar and lemon drops. Some like heavy creams, like coconut, caramel or Kinder Bueno cream, but some prefer it topped with maple syrup. There are those who like their pancakes to be packed with fresh pieces of fruit, such as apples, strawberries, bananas…but there are those who like pancakes packed with vegetables, also!
Many people prefer savory pancakes. Ham and cheese is the most frequently asked option, but there are those who simply love the Hiroshima style pancakes topped with cabbage, meat and cheese. Some
would even dip their pancake into mayo and ketchup!
Some like it thin and sweet, some like it thick and fluffy and some like it crispy. Some like the American style pancakes, and some prefer the mini ones.
And the question remains, where can one try the best pancakes in Amsterdam?
De Blauwe Hollander (The blue Dutchman) is a world famous restaurant located at the “Leidseplein” square in Amsterdam, proudly proving its great reputation for over 30 years. De Blauwe Hollander restaurant works with seasonal food and is known for their authentic Dutch cuisine, but their menu offers vegetarian options as well which always brings points plus!
However, their dessert menu and their pancake menu are just as impressive and if you are looking for a dreamy unforgettable treat, this is the place you should visit when you come to Amsterdam! The smooth texture and amazingly rich flavor makes the De Blauwe Hollander’s pancakes widely popular and talked about!
Whether you decide to go for the classic option any time of the day or get yourself the famous Cheese Pancake or the amazing Bacon Pancake for breakfast or brunch, whether you want to go for the fresh and slightly sour taste of the Apple Pancake or the heavy Nutella filled pancake for an evening dessert, you can never go wrong!
But don’t forget the De Blauwe Hollander’s mind-blowingly delicious proffertjes (mini pancakes) sprinkled with sugar powder and served with rich vanilla ice cream and some fresh tasty strawberries!
De Blauwe Hollander is where you will be returning for more pancake heaven!

De Blauwe Hollander